Monday, January 14


So this year I'm going to go travelling, I've always wanted to follow in my dads footsteps and go on adventures just like him and this is exactly what I'm going to do! Also my best friend is abandoning me for Australia in feb or a whole year :( 

Thailand is going to be my first stop, it's always appealed to me and knowing it has one of the biggest parties in the world defiantly got my attention! But before I get to the full moon party in Koh Pangan it all starts off in Bangkok. After the big city I am planning to volunteer to look after elephants, bathing, feeding and just in general be a good egg! 

After Thailand I'm going to move straight onto Australia I plan on being in Thailand for around 4 weeks just long enough without having to fork out for a visa, but Australia is going to be a lot pricier!  At least I will be reunited with Chanel!!!!!! Depending on money and how long I get the visa for I may very well be spending Christmas on the beach in 40 degree heat I am defiantly not complaining there! 

Planning this trip has ment that we had to give up our yearly 'girls' holiday and weekends out in good old 'ktown' but it will be so worth it and basically a dream coming true! 
As my close friends know that I get a tattoo or have got a tattoo on every holiday so far and I will hopefully come back with some more very interesting ones to add to my collection and yes Chanel when I start crying it means you have to get a matching one! 

I have a lot more planning to do but if anyone has been to Thailand or traveling would appreciate any advice! 

Thanks for reading 

Char  x

Thursday, July 19

Wish list

After reading lots of blogs and watching YouTube videos Ive been keeping a list of the products  i really want/need to buy!

On a previous blog I wanted to find the 'perfect' primer and I think I finally have, Smash Box photo finish primer at £25. One YouTuber uses this on every tutorial and swears by the product along with alot of other people out there, hopefully now I have found the right one.

Ive just brought all new make brushes from a few different brands but really want to try a sigma brush as they seem reasonably priced for the quality of the brush, although there were a few mixed reviews on this brand i want to try it for myself. I'm going to go for the duo fibre F50 which is the brush below. 
The next product is Jemma Kidd light as air liquid foundation, a friend uses this and it has great coverage and feels really lightweight compared to the Clinique repair wear that I'm using now. It has great reviews and an SPF 18 for added protection. 

Finally, well not finally cause the list is pretty much endless and this is all i can afford this month is a MAC lipstick. Ive recently been using MAC eye shadows and the lady at the counter was very force full in me trying a lipstick, Well now I'm not sure if that was a good idea cause now i NEED this product! 
I'm going to go for the colour 'a girl about town' I love a bright lipstick at the minute and I think i deserve a treat. 

So that's where my money is going on payday! I'll blog my reviews on some products I use 
(if i remember)

Char x

Wednesday, July 18

Wireless Festival

After alot of umms and arhs this is the outfit i finaly decided on;

I wanted hunters for a while and thought this would be the perfect excuse to spend so much on a pair of wellies, i wore a plain black pair of knee high socks underneath just to stop them rubbing.

The shorts are from Topshop, just their simple high waisted hotpants which will come in usefull for my holiday to Zante aswell. Then teamed them with a plain brown belt from Newlook which was a bargin at £3.

The jumper i fell in love with and just had to buy i love anything with a biker feel like the studs on the shoulders, this is from Topshop aswell.

To finish the outfit obviously some fake tan, sunglasses, jewllery and a plain brown satchel oo and curly hair for the rain which came down heavily!

The picture isnt that great as we were rushing at 7am but you get the idea!

Char x

Tuesday, July 3

Festival fashion

Right I'm going to wireless festival this weekend and I dont know what to wear! I brought some hunter wellies this weekend and these are gonna be perfect for the occasion, but the rest I just dont know! Im in love with Millie Mackintosh from MIC and shes been tweeting her festival outfits and definatly given me some ideas for rain or shine!
I'll probably blog my outfit i decide on if i do decide before the day!

Char X

Blog Virgin!

So this is my first ever blog but i thought I'd join the trend.. 

I'm looking for the perfect primer?!

So far I've used the POREessionals primer from benefit this is supposed to be the UK No.1 but I'm not convinced! Its £23 for 22ml which is around average but wondered if anyone else used anything better and cheaper?

I recently went into house of fraser and tested out a few more including Chanel, YSL and Dior but they are even more pricey!
So if anyone else has uses or knows of anything better please help!!