Monday, January 14


So this year I'm going to go travelling, I've always wanted to follow in my dads footsteps and go on adventures just like him and this is exactly what I'm going to do! Also my best friend is abandoning me for Australia in feb or a whole year :( 

Thailand is going to be my first stop, it's always appealed to me and knowing it has one of the biggest parties in the world defiantly got my attention! But before I get to the full moon party in Koh Pangan it all starts off in Bangkok. After the big city I am planning to volunteer to look after elephants, bathing, feeding and just in general be a good egg! 

After Thailand I'm going to move straight onto Australia I plan on being in Thailand for around 4 weeks just long enough without having to fork out for a visa, but Australia is going to be a lot pricier!  At least I will be reunited with Chanel!!!!!! Depending on money and how long I get the visa for I may very well be spending Christmas on the beach in 40 degree heat I am defiantly not complaining there! 

Planning this trip has ment that we had to give up our yearly 'girls' holiday and weekends out in good old 'ktown' but it will be so worth it and basically a dream coming true! 
As my close friends know that I get a tattoo or have got a tattoo on every holiday so far and I will hopefully come back with some more very interesting ones to add to my collection and yes Chanel when I start crying it means you have to get a matching one! 

I have a lot more planning to do but if anyone has been to Thailand or traveling would appreciate any advice! 

Thanks for reading 

Char  x